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Ada County Court Records

Ada County court records comprise all documents created or received in relation to court proceedings. These documents may include photographs, notes, audio or video recordings, or digital or paper documents. Court records may differ due to factors such as the case type. For example, adoption court records may contain birth information, while lien records may feature property deeds. Depending on the type of case, court records may provide information on the following:

  • Case number
  • Case type
  • File date
  • Case party’s information
  • Disposition events
  • Events and hearings
  • Name of judicial officer

That said, court records serve many purposes besides keeping track of court cases. For example, they may serve as evidence that a particular action occurred. Interested public members may also use these records to find information on case parties.

Are Court Records Public in Ada County?

Under Section 74-102 of Idaho Statutes, interested public members can request, view, or obtain court records in Ada County. The law also empowers the county’s clerk of courts to maintain and allow access to court documents in their custody.

Note: Not all Ada County public records are open to the public. Per Idaho Court Administrative Rule (I.C.A.R.) 32, exempt court records may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Court records containing presentence investigation data and pretrial risk assessment
  • Records restricted from public access due to state or federal statutes.
  • Juvenile court records and related data under the Child Protective Act, Juvenile Corrective Act, and the Youth Rehabilitation Act.
  • Pending arrest warrants or summons issued by the courts
  • Notes, memoranda, and other judicial work products prepared by a judge or court officials.
  • Adoption records and other data for the termination of parental rights.

Ada County Court Records Search

Record seekers may search for Ada County court records using available request options. These options may include accessing court records via online, email, walk-in, or mail requests. For example, Idaho’s iCourt platform keeps online records of all court records in the state. In contrast, Ada County’s clerk of courts may enable access to court records via mail, email, or walk-in requests.

Note: Per Idaho Code § 74-113, 115, & 120, record seekers must provide a valid identification to obtain Ada County court records.

Ada County Court Records Search by Name

The Idaho Judicial System’s iCourt platform allows name-based searches for online Ada County court records. To search court records by name, interested parties must visit the iCourt database and follow these simple steps:

  • Select “Ada County” and “Record Search” in the drop-down menu.
  • On the next page, scroll down and select “Smart Search.”
  • Input the case party’s first or last name to view possible matches.

The cost of retrieving the records may differ based on the number of requested copies. In addition, the online platform charges a 3.5% charge on credit card payments for court records.

Ada County’s clerk of courts also allows name-based searches for court records. The clerk’s office maintains an online request form for all court records. Interested parties must input the required search information to get the record.

Ada County Courts

Ada County is home to a district court and magistrate division courts. The courts’ addresses are listed below:

Ada County District Court
Ada County Courthouse
200 West Front Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 287-6900
Fax: (208) 287-6919


Ada County Magistrate Divisions 
Ada County Juvenile Court
6300 Denton Street
Boise, ID 83704
Phone: (208) 577-4800
Fax: (208) 577-4809


Ada County Magistrate Court
Ada County Courthouse
200 West Front Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 287-6900
Fax: (208) 287-6919

Ada County District Court Records

Ada County’s district court generally oversees criminal or civil cases beyond the jurisdiction of the magistrate courts. For example, it oversees civil cases that involve disputes worth more than $10,000. In addition, the county district court hears some probate or domestic relations cases.

The Ada County Clerk’s Office keeps records of all cases filed at the courthouse. This means record seekers can make requests for these records via the following steps:

  1. Visit the website and fill out the online request form
  2. Next, select your preferred mode of obtaining the record (The clerk processes email, mail, or in-person requests for court records)
  3. Select the “Submit” button to complete the request.

The court clerk will process requests within ten business days.

Ada County Criminal Records

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office does not maintain criminal records or histories. Instead, you will find the county’s criminal records under the purview of  Idaho State Police’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI). The BCI maintains statewide access to criminal records via fingerprint or name-based search. To search for criminal records at the BCI, requesters must fill out one of these request forms:

Next, requesters must attach a $20 processing fee to the request form. Note that credit card payments incur an additional $1 processing fee and 3% of the total transaction. The BCI also accepts money orders or check payments.

On the other hand, you will find Ada County arrest records at the county sheriff’s office. The sheriff only keeps Ada arrest records for individuals incarcerated in the county jail. That said, fill out the county sheriff’s online request form to obtain arrest records.

Ada County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Ada County criminal court records are available at the county clerk’s office. The clerk provides an online request form for obtaining criminal court records. So, record seekers must fill out the form and provide their preferred option for receiving the court documents. The clerk of courts charges $1 per page for uncertified records and per seal for certified records.

Idaho’s iCourt platform is an alternative option for obtaining Ada County criminal records. To use this option, the requesters must provide the case number or the case party’s name.

Get Ada County Civil Court Records

Civil court records in Ada County may contain information on legal lawsuits or conflicts between two or more parties. Civil court records may include general civil, small claims, foreclosure and liens, civil equity, and complex commercial cases.

At the county level, Ada County’s district court and magistrate court oversee civil court cases. However, you will find records of these cases at the office of the county clerk. The clerk maintains an online request form where record seekers can make requests for civil court cases.

To access records, requesters only need to select “civil court records” and input the following search criteria:

  • Case or citation number
  • Defendant’s name
  • Petitioner’s name
  • Case filing year.

Idaho’s iCourt is also a repository for Ada County civil court records. Note that the platform only allows online access to court records. To find civil court cases on the platform, requesters must select “Smart Search” or the following search options:

  • Party search criteria
  • Case search criteria
  • General search

Ada County Family Court Records

The magistrate court in Ada County oversees all family law or related court cases. Also, Ada County family court cases are not exclusive to the magistrate court. There are instances when the county district court hears some family court cases.

Irrespective of the courthouse handling the case, the county clerk’s office maintains records of all family court case records. The county clerk also allows access to some family court records in line with the Public Records Act. Interested parties can access the court records via the clerk’s online request form. The clerk will process requests within ten business days.

Note: Family court records contain confidential data that is exempt from public access. Therefore, the clerk will only release the record to requesters with a direct or tangible interest in it. In most instances, eligible requesters may include the record subject, direct family relations, and legal representatives. A third party acting on behalf of the record subject may also obtain the record. The third-party requester may provide a signed consent form from the record subject.

To request a sealed family record in Ada County, you must fill out the sealed record request form. Furthermore, you must send the record in person or via mail to the Fourth District Court at:

200 West Front Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 287-7500
Fax: (208) 287-7509

Ada Dissolution of Marriage Records

In Ada County, dissolution of marriage records is accessible at the county and state levels. Interested parties must follow these guidelines for finding the records:

  1. Find the record custodian holding the record
  2. Check if you are eligible to obtain a dissolution of marriage record
  3. Choose a request method for accessing the record
  4. Pay the required search fee along with the request.

It is quite straightforward to obtain dissolution of marriage records in Ada County.

Ada County Marriage and Divorce Records

In Ada County, marriage and divorce certificates are available via designated record custodians. For example, the Ada County Recorder’s Office maintains and issues marriage licenses, while the county clerk keeps records of divorce certificates. In contrast, Idaho’s Bureau of Vital Records and Statistics maintains records of both documents at the state level.

Record seekers can access Ada County marriage certificates and divorce records via these steps:

Step 1: Find the record custodian

The county clerk holds copies of divorce decrees. On the other hand, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, via the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics, keeps copies of divorce certificates.

Step 2: Next, determine if you are eligible to get the record.

Ada County marriage records and divorce certificates are confidential for 50 years after the filing date. Only requesters with a legal and direct interest in the record can obtain confidential records.

Step 3: Request the document via preferred options

Send a mail request for marriage or divorce records via these steps:

  1. Fill out The state Bureau of Vital Records’ request form in English or Spanish
  2. Include an acceptable identification card
  3. Attach a $16 search fee as a money order or check payable to Idaho Vital Records
  4. Send these documents to:

Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

In contrast, you can retrieve copies of marriage licenses at the Ada County Recorder’s Office. The department charges $2 per copy of the marriage decree. So, send a written request containing the record subject’s name and marriage date to receive the record. You may request it via mail or in person at this address:

200 West Front Street
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 287-6840

Ada Birth and Death Records

Ada County birth and death records are accessible through Idaho’s Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics. The agency collates birth and death certificates from local agencies in the state.

Ada County vital records, such as birth or death certificates, contain confidential information. Thus, only the record subject, close family relations, legal representatives, and other authorized parties.

To obtain Ada County birth records, interested parties must send a mail request to the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics. The mail request must contain the following documents:

A request form for Ada County birth certificates in English or Spanish

Copy of a valid government-issued identification card

A signed $16 check or money order payable to Idaho Vital Records

Send these documents via mail to:

Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

Note: Birth records are important for genealogical research. They also play a vital role in protecting the basic rights of the record bearer.

Mail requests for Ada County death certificates must include the following document:

  • A completed request form for Ada County death records in English or Spanish
  • Copy of a valid ID (must include the requestor's signature and expiration date)
  • A signed $16 money order or check payable to Idaho Vital Record.

Send the files to the address below:

Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

Ada County Probate Court Records

In Ada County, the magistrate court hears all probate cases filed in the county. Probate court cases handled at the court include wills and estates, trusts, conservatorship and guardianship, and name changes.

The Ada County clerk’s office keeps records of all probate cases in the county. Interested parties can obtain these records by filling out an online request form on the clerk’s website. Next, the county clerk’s office processes the request within ten business days. 

In line with Idaho Code §31-3201, the clerk's office will charge $1 per page for copies of Ada County probate court records.

Note: The Idaho Secretary of State maintains a will registry for all wills created. Interested parties can access the will registry information by completing and sending a request form to:

State of Idaho Office of the Secretary of State 
PO Box 83720    
Boise ID 83720-0080 
Phone: (208) 334-2301

Ada County Property Records

Ada County property records are under the custody of the county recorder’s office. The recorder’s office maintains property-related information, such as deeds, plats, surveys, powers of attorney, and substitutions of trust. Furthermore, it allows access to property records via an online search tool. Interested parties may fill out the search tool to find property records.

Ada County Court Records Online

Ada County court records are also accessible via third-party sites like These sites maintain online repositories of court records.

These sites are generally easy to navigate and do not require user registration. Also, they do not block out-of-state requesters from accessing court records in Ada County. Nevertheless, these sites are not total substitutes for government-owned sites. They may contain less accurate or old court records.

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