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Ada County Arrest Records

In Ada County, Idaho, law enforcement usually makes an arrest when there is reasonable suspicion that a person has committed a crime. Officers may establish probable cause by direct observation, witness reports, evidence acquired during investigations, or by a combination of these methods.

The primary authority responsible for creating and keeping arrest records is the Ada County Sheriff's Office. These documents are created in the course of an arrest and contain comprehensive facts such as the arrestee's personal information, the charges against them, the date and time of the arrest, information on their booking, and any information pertaining to bail or bonds.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office operates the Ada County Jail, where most inmates are kept. The jail holds persons serving short-term sentences (usually less than a year), awaiting transfer to state prisons or other detention facilities, or awaiting trial or sentencing.

In Ada County, arrest records can be obtained by querying the city police departments, the arresting agency, or county courts since arrest information is typically contained in Ada County Court Records.

Are Arrest Records Public in Ada County?

In Ada County, arrest records are considered public records per Section 74-101(13) of the Idaho Public Records Act. Consequently, these records are available for public examination except otherwise stipulated by state law or court order. The following are some of the exemptions that may prevent the general public from seeing particular arrest records, per section 74–124(1) of the Idaho Code:

  • Documents whose release would obstruct enforcement actions;
  • Records whose disclosure would violate someone's right to a fair trial or an unbiased decision-making process;
  • Documents whose disclosure would amount to an unjustified invasion of private;
  • Records that reveal a confidential source's identity and, in the instance of a document gathered by a law enforcement agency during a criminal investigation, confidential data provided solely by the confidential source;
  • Records that reveal the methods and strategies used by law enforcement in investigations;
  • Records that pose a risk to the physical safety or lives of law enforcement officers;
  • Documents kept by the Department of Health and Welfare or any law enforcement agency that reveal the identity of a reporting party in connection with an investigation into child abuse, neglect, or abandonment, unless the reporting party gives written consent to the disclosure or the disclosure of the reporting party's identity is necessary in any administrative or legal proceeding.

Only specified entities, including law enforcement agencies, authorized court workers, government officials, and persons or groups with a legal right or court order, are permitted access to restricted arrest information.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Per Section 74-125 of the Idaho Public Records Act, public arrest records may contain the following:

  • Personal information about an arrested individual, including their name, age, sex, and address;
  • Details of the arrest, such as the time, date, and location of the incident and the arrest;
  • A summary of the crimes or charges that led to the person's arrest;
  • The charge counts;
  • The arrestee's photograph;
  • The name of the law enforcement officer and agency that made the arrest;
  • Information about the booking process, including the booking number and booking date.

Ada County Crime Rate

According to the 2022 Idaho State Police Uniform Crime Reporting crime statistics for Ada County, local law enforcement reported 18,853 offenses throughout that year. This is a slight reduction of -3.51% from the total in 2021 and a loss of -15.9% in 2018. In 2022, the rate of law enforcement crime clearance was 47.05%.

The violent crimes against people that were recorded in Ada County in 2022 were 72 robberies, 773 aggravated assaults, 214 rapes, and 3 murders. In addition, there were crimes against property, such as 44 arsons, 383 motor vehicle thefts, 5,34 burglaries, and 3,658 larcenies. Crimes against society comprised 2,473 drug and narcotics offenses, 2,201 drug equipment offenses, 98 pornographic and obscene material offenses, and 283 weapons legislation infractions.

According to the county's five-year crime trend, crime steadily declined from 2018 to 2022. 22,427 crimes were reported in 2018, 21,312 in 2019 (- 4.9%), 20,339 in 2020 (- 9.3%), 19,539 in 2021 (- 12.8%), and 18,853 in 2022 (- 15.9%).

Ada County Arrest Statistics

In 2022, Ada County's population was reported to be 521,752. 10,495 arrests were made overall during that time, indicating a -0.55% shift from 2021. Of this number, 9,241 arrests were made of adults, and 1,254 were made of juveniles. There were 671 arrests made for simple assault, 321 for serious assault, and 106 for intimidation. On property crimes, 464 people were detained for theft and larceny, 238 for fraud, and 80 for property destruction. 1523 adults were arrested under the crimes against society category for drug and narcotics offenses, 480 for drug equipment violations, and 57 for weapons legislation breaches.

13,634 arrests were made in 2018, 13,392 (-1.7%), 10,301 (-24.4%), 10,553 (-22.59%), 10,495 (-23.0%), and 10,593 (-22.59%) in 2019.

Find Ada County Arrest Records

Members of the public interested in obtaining basic arrest information can visit the Ada County Sheriff's Office, where they maintain an arrest record log. Alternatively, inquirers can fill out the records request form, call (208) 577-3012, or visit the Ada County Sheriff's Office, located at 7200 Barrister Drive in Boise, Idaho 83704, to request the information in person. Searches are typically performed using the record subject's name and birthdate.

City police departments, which are frequently in charge of making arrests, can also provide arrest records to those who are interested. For instance, the public may obtain public documents from the Boise Police Department upon request. Interested parties can initiate this process by completing the public request form and sending it online or in person to 333 North Mark Stall Place, Boise, Idaho 83704. However, documents pertaining to ongoing legal actions or investigations will not be released.

The state's central database of criminal history data is kept up to date by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) of the Idaho State Police. The repository is an automated database of information derived from fingerprint arrest records that Idaho criminal justice agencies have submitted to BCI. Appropriate criminal justice agencies can access this data online. Users can search the automated criminal history records using the subject's fingerprints.

A search can also be conducted using the Federal Inmate Locator by name or number to locate an inmate's detention facility at the federal level. The person might then contact the establishment to request details.

Free Arrest Record Search in Ada County

To get free arrest information in Ada County, contact the County Sheriff's office online to check the most recent arrest logs. Alternatively, the public can obtain free access to arrest information via the Ada County jail's online inmate roster.

Free arrest record searches can also be conducted on third-party websites. However, inquirers must supply identity and information, such as the complete name, birthdate, and arrest date, as search criteria.

Get Ada County Criminal Records

An arrest record contains information on a person's apprehension by law enforcement, such as the date of the arrest, the charges brought against them, and the arresting agency. A criminal record details every engagement with the criminal justice system, such as charges, convictions, court dates, arrests, and punishments.

In Ada County, there are a few different ways to obtain a person's complete criminal history record. However, in most cases, only people with the proper authorization can conduct this type of search, including the subject of the record, their attorneys, or a government agency.

As previously noted, a person can obtain information such as arrest records, police reports, and dispatch recordings by contacting the Ada County Sheriff's Office or the Ada County Jail for a local criminal record search.

Notwithstanding, eligible requesters may obtain criminal background checks from the Idaho State Police. The department provides name and fingerprint-based checks. To request a search, fill out the Name Based Criminal Background Check Form and, if paying with a credit or debit card, the attached Payment Authorization Form in order to place an order for a name-based check. Forward the filled-out form and payment to:

Idaho State Police
Bureau of Criminal Identification
700 S. Stratford Drive Suite 120
Meridian, ID 83642

Each name-based criminal history check costs $20. Checks and money orders are also accepted as payment, in addition to credit/debit cards. Keep in mind that using a credit or debit card to pay incurs a $1 processing fee in addition to 3% of the total transaction amount.

Consider getting a fingerprint-based background check for a more thorough report. There is a $20 fee for this option. Inquirers are typically required to turn in a fingerprint card with all the rolled and inked fingerprints, together with a completed Fingerprint Criminal Background Check Form. These should be forwarded to the Bureau of Criminal Identification at the above address.

Interested persons may also perform a nationwide criminal history check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the U.S Courts PACER search tool to perform an electronic search online.

Ada County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest records and criminal records have different applications in Ada County. Arrest records serve as documentation for incidents in which law enforcement took a person into custody. Although the date, place, and reason for the arrest are included in these records, they do not infer guilt.

Contrarily, criminal records offer a thorough history of a person's dealings with the criminal justice system. Convictions, sentences, and any other court rulings rendered against the person are all included in these records. Criminal histories provide a formal determination of guilt or innocence at the end of court cases. Arrest records, on the one hand, indicate interactions with law enforcement; criminal records, on the other hand, show the results of those interactions inside the legal system.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Arrest records in Ada County typically remain on a person's record indefinitely. However, if the charges are dropped, the defendant is found not guilty or finishes a diversion program, they may file a petition for expungement or sealing. Following a successful petition, related records may be expunged or deleted.

Expunge Ada County Arrest Records

Sealing arrest records in Ada County entails limiting public access but maintaining visibility for law enforcement and select government entities. On the other hand, expunging records entails deleting the arrest records entirely, making it appear as though the arrest never happened.

Generally speaking, expungement is more thorough, eliminating evidence of the arrest from public and most private records. While both procedures seek to shield people from the damaging effects of prior arrests, expungement offers a greater degree of privacy and relief.

According to the Idaho Code Section 67-3004 (10) Any individual who was arrested or served with a criminal summons and who, within a year of the arrest or summons, was not charged with a crime through an indictment or information, or who was found not guilty of any charges stemming from an arrest or criminal summons, may request that the fingerprint and criminal history record obtained in connection with the incident be expunged, along with the sealing of the official court file. Any dismissal granted in accordance with Idaho Code Section 19-2604(1) shall not be subject to this provision.

According to Idaho Code Section 67-3004(11)(c), in order for records to be shielded from disclosure under subsection 67-3004 (11), the petitioner must file a petition to shield records of the conviction no earlier than five (5) years after serving out the entirety of their sentence, including any ordered probation, parole, fines, and restitution; provided, however, that the petitioner has not been convicted of any other felonies or misdemeanors in the intervening period, has not been placed on probation or parole for any subsequent convictions, has no pending misdemeanor or felony cases against him, and has not been subject to any restraining orders at the time the petition is filed.

Ada County Arrest Warrants

In Ada County, Idaho, an arrest warrant is a court order or magistrate's authorization for police to detain a person they believe is guilty of a crime. When a warrant is issued, police officers can arrest the person it names and take them before the court to face charges.

A warrant may be obtained per Idaho code 19-607; however, code 19-603(1) permits an arrest to be made without one if a public offense is committed or attempted in the presence of a law enforcement official. In Ada County, arrest warrants typically includes the following details:

  • The full name of the individual for whom the warrant has been obtained.
  • Physical characteristics include height, weight, eye and hair colors, and any other characteristics that set them apart.
  • An account of the offenses for which the defendant is facing charges.
  • The name of the court issuing the warrant as well as the date the judge or magistrate issued it.
  • The name and signature of the magistrate or judge who granted the warrant authorization.
  • In certain situations, a bail sum, as well as any particular guidelines or requirements pertaining to the arrest or ensuing procedures, could be stated.

Ada County Arrest Warrant Search

Interested members of the public may perform an Ada County arrest warrant search by querying the County Sheriff's Office. Alternatively, information about active arrest warrants in the county can be retrieved using an internet search tool provided by the District Court or the judicial records request form on the Ada County clerk's office website.

Do Ada County Arrest Warrants Expire?

Arrest warrants in Ada County, Idaho, never expire. When an arrest warrant is issued, it is valid until it is executed—that is until the person it names is taken into custody—unless the court decides to revoke or withdraw it.

On the other hand, the court may periodically review some warrant types, such as bench warrants for minor offenses or failure to appear in court, and the judge may choose to dismiss them in certain situations. Warrants for major crimes, such as felonies, are typically revocable and will not expire unless the offender is found or the court decides differently.

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