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Canyon County Court Records

Canyon County Court records are reports of all court proceedings and legal actions in the county. They may be stored in paper or electronic form and include recordings, transcripts, litigant indexes, case summaries, court calendars/dockets, photographs, indexes, writings, minutes, registers of actions, exhibits, and case filings.

The Canyon County Clerk processes and maintains court records for the courts in Canyon County, Idaho. Court records are important adjudicative documents that can be used to enlighten members of the public on the activities of the judicial branch in the county. They can also be used as references for subsequent litigation.

Are Court Records Public in Canyon County?

Yes. Idaho Court Administrative Rule (ICAR) 32 outlines the rules for access to Canyon Country public court records. Members of the public may access the following court records from the record custodian if available:

  • Claimant/case party indexes filed with a court
  • New case filings and case information, such as party names
  • Chronological case summaries of events
  • Court dockets and calendars, including the case number, hearing date, and location of the proceeding
  • Case status of pending and closed cases

However, in a bid to ensure privacy and prevent identity fraud, the following information is redacted from public court records:

  • Telephone numbers of case parties
  • Home or office addresses
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card information and other financial information
  • Other personal identifying numbers like a license number or I.D number

Access to confidential Canyon Country court records is restricted to government officials exercising their duties. For example, expunged, sealed, and juvenile court records are not publicly available and may require a court order to inspect.

Canyon County Court Records Search

Interested persons may search for Canyon Country court records at any of the following locations:

  • The Canyon County Clerk’s Office
  • The courthouse where the case was adjudicated
  • Electronic search tools approved by the judicial system
  • Third-party aggregate sites.

Canyon County Court Records Search by Name

A case party’s last name or a business name is typically the prerequisite for conducting a court records search by name in Canyon Country. A court record search by name can be done by making in-person or mail-in queries to the clerks office. These options usually have fees attached to inspecting and copying documents. There may also be additional charges for searches done by staff and for obtaining certified copies of court records.

Alternatively, researchers can utilize the online record search tools provided by the county clerk/ recorder or the state’s central repository to search for court records by name. These online tools are generally faster, low-cost, and more convenient. To use any of the online search tools, the inquirer will need to input an individual’s last name or a business name. Inputting additional filters like a case type, filing date, and case number can expedite the search process.

Canyon County Courts

The Canyon County court system comprises a District Court with a Magistrate Division. The locations and contact information of the two courthouses in Canyon County are outlined below:

Canyon County District Court
Canyon County Courthouse
1115 Albany Street
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208) 454-7571
Fax: (208) 454-7525


Canyon County Magistrate Court
Canyon County Courthouse
1115 Albany Street
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208) 454-7571
Fax: (208) 454-7525

Canyon County District Court Records

The Third Judicial District Court is the trial court with general jurisdiction in Canyon Country and handles felonies, civil cases involving more than $10,000, and appeals from the Magistrate Division. The Canyon County District Court’s Magistrate Division is authorized to resolve probate cases, misdemeanors, infractions, divorce/juvenile proceedings, preliminary felony proceedings, small claims cases of $5000 or less, and civil cases where the amount is $10,000 or less.

One may inspect and obtain copies of District Court records from the County Clerk’s office in person or via mail by filling out and submitting the online court records request form provided on the clerk's website. The clerk’s office in complying with Idaho Code § 74-102(10) charges $5 for document requests, $3 for Credit/Debit card payments, $1 per page for copying documents, and $1 per page for certified copies of court records. There is also a $2 charge attached to records sent by mail, however, this fee can be waived if the requester includes a stamped self-addressed envelope and a business check/ money order. In-person and mail requests can be sent to:

111 North 11th Avenue
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208) 454-7337
Fax: (208) 454-6689

Remote options for accessing district court records include:

  • The County Recorder’s Digital Research Room Portal through which interested individuals may search case information and court documents by name, recording date, and document number. This portal also has an advanced search option available to its users.
  • The State’s central court records repository(iCourt). On iCourt, members of the public may search for court records by name or record number through the Smart Search portal or Search Hearings using a specified date range.

Canyon County Criminal Records

Per Idaho Code 67-3008, local and state law enforcement agencies are mandated to release Canyon County criminal records to individuals who request them. However, sealed records, juvenile criminal records, and records tagged confidential by law will not be subject to public inspection without a court order.

The Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) processes statewide criminal background checks. One may conduct Name-based or Fingerprint-based checks for a fee of $20 plus a $1 processing fee with the BCI. Using Credit/Debit cards to make payments attracts an additional 3% of the total transaction fee.

The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office provides in-person, email, mail, and fax access to Canyon County arrest records and local police reports to the inhabitants of the county. The Sheriff’s Office charges fees that cover labor costs and copying fees. An inquirer will need to fill out the records request form found on the Sheriff’s website. In-person requesters can visit the Sheriff’s office during business hours.

Canyon County Sheriff’s Office
1115 Albany Street
Room 137
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208) 454-7488
Fax: (208) 454-7476

Canyon County Criminal Court Case Lookup

A Canyon County criminal court case lookup can be done using the following online and offline options:

  • Walk-in visits to the County Clerk/Recorder’s Office
  • Searching the Recorder’s online portal by record number, name, or case type
  • Using the Idaho online case management system, iCourt.

How to Get Canyon County Civil Court Records

Canyon County Civil Court records comprise case information generated from matters involving personal injury/tort claims, foreclosures, unlawful detainer/eviction notices, change of name, civil protection orders, Small claims, Habeas Corpus, juvenile compromise claims, child support/ adoption, and mental commitment. The County Clerk is the primary custodian of civil court records generated by the courts in Canyon County.

Interested members of the public may obtain Canyon County civil court records by visiting the county clerk’s office physically or by utilizing the records request tool located on the clerk’s website. The State Central Repository for Court Records (iCourt) has case information for civil court cases decided in Canyon County. One may retrieve civil case records on iCourt by entering a last name, business name, or case number.

Canyon County Family Court Records

Canyon County Family Court records are generated from family law cases such as divorce, paternity, child custody, domestic violence, child protection, and compromise claims of juveniles. Family court cases are handled by the District Court in Canyon County, hence persons interested in viewing and copying family court records may query the County Clerk’s office. Researchers may also obtain family court records remotely on iCourt or the Recorder’s search portal.

Canyon Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage otherwise known as Divorce or Annulment entails the termination of a legal union by a court proceeding. In Canyon County, Dissolution of marriage records are considered to be family court records. These records are obtainable from the clerk’s office in person or online via the approved online case management systems.

Canyon County Marriage and Divorce Records

Canyon County Marriage Records consist of marriage licenses and marriage certificates while Divorce records are made up of divorce decrees and divorce certificates. In Idaho, Marriage and Divorce certificates are confidential by state laws and can only be accessed by the public after fifty years from the record creation date. Consequently, only record subjects, family members, legal representatives, or those with court authorization can request or inspect Marriage and Divorce certificates in Canyon County.

To obtain a certified copy of a Canyon County Marriage license, one may send in-person or mail requests to the County Recorder’s office. Mail requests should be enclosed in a self-addressed return envelope containing the marriage date, full names of the couple before marriage, contact information, and the relevant fees. Inquirers should contact the Recorder's office at (208) 454-7555 to verify the appropriate fees before sending requests. In-person requests can be submitted to:

Canyon County Administration Building
111 North 11th Avenue
Suite 330, 3rd Floor
Caldwell, ID 83605.

The Idaho Bureau of Vital Records also processes requests for certified copies of marriage and divorce certificates for a fee of $16. Mail requests comprising a completed English or Spanish request form, an approved identification, and a check or money order for appropriate fees can be mailed to:

Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036.

Canyon County Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records are part of Canyon County's vital records. A Canyon County birth certificate is a very important legal document that can be used to prove citizenship, age, and identity. Canyon County death certificates, on the other hand, may be useful in taking possession of life insurance, claiming a pension, applying for a Social Security number, and modifying financial accounts.

Per state laws and due to their legal importance, birth and death records are not part of Canyon County Public records as they are legally confidential for a period of 100 and 50 years respectively. Hence, record subjects, immediate family members, and those with necessary documentation can access birth and death records in Canyon County.

Eligible persons may request certified copies of birth and death certificates from the Bureau of Vital Records Department in Idaho. Both birth and death certificates cost $16 per certified copy and can be ordered online or via mail. Requesters will need to fill out the appropriate request forms and pay the stipulated processing fees.

Canyon County Probate Court Records

The Magistrate Division of the Canyon County District Court presides over Probate cases such as Wills, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Registration of trust, Mental commitment, and Child support litigations. The County Clerk is the custodian of Probate court records in Canyon County. Individuals willing to examine and obtain copies of probate court records may query the clerk’s office during regular hours or utilize the online search tools obtainable in the county.

Canyon County Property Records

Canyon County Property records include information such as the owner's name and address, deeds/title, liens, mortgages, and legal description of the property. The Canyon County Assessor maintains property records and makes them available to the public on request.

Researchers can find property-related information on the Assessor’s Public Access Service Portal. On this search portal, one may conduct a basic search using the Parcel ID number/PIN or property address. The advanced search option requires registration and allows users to search for real estate records using additional search criteria like the owner’s name and a legal description.

Canyon County Court Records Online

An alternative remote search option for inspecting Canyon County court records is the third-party public record providers like These third-party record providers are not affiliated with the official repositories approved by the government and collate the data in their search tools from numerous sources. Third-party databases are mostly owned by private entities and are usually maintained for commercial purposes.

The primary benefits third-party websites offer their users are comfort and ease. Interested persons can search records remotely. Third-party sites also allow users to research records from different sources simultaneously by inputting a name or case number. However, a downside to using third-party websites is the issue of retrieving incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated records.

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