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Canyon County Arrest Records

According to section 36-1302 of the Idaho Code, an arrest occurs when a peace officer takes in an individual for committing an offense. The peace officer then takes the individual before any state magistrate with jurisdiction over the alleged offense. It can also occur when an officer issues an offender a citation to the offender to appear before a magistrate. However, before a peace officer can complete an arrest, they must have reasonable cause to think the individual has committed a crime. If they fail to fulfill this condition, such an arrest is illegal.

Since the police conduct arrests and are a matter of public safety, the alleged offender’s information is taken down and stored in an arrest record. Arrest records are essential as they help keep track of a person’s criminal history and serve other non-procedural purposes.

The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office keeps and issues arrest records. Other government bodies also maintain arrest records in Canyon County. For instance, The County Clerk’s Office, known for maintaining Canyon County Court Records, has information on arrests occurring in Canyon County.

Are Arrest Records Public in Canyon County?

According to Idaho law, Canyon County residents can request any public record without providing a statement of purpose. More specifically, section 67-3008 provides that a person or public or private agency can request criminal history information upon written application on a form approved by the director and provided by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). However, there are restrictions to this rule. For instance, if the records have been sealed or expunged, the general public cannot access them. Additionally, records that have sensitive information or details that, if released, would derail the course of justice.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Canyon County residents can access information about arrests through the Idaho Public Safety and Security Information System. Here's a breakdown of what information is available:

  • The person's full name and date of birth.
  • The arrestee’s gender, height, race, and eye color.
  • The date, time, and exact location of the arrest.
  • The reason for the arrest and any initial complaints filed
  • Information about the arresting officer includes the officer's name, badge number, and assignment.

However, an arrest record does not include any information about the outcome of the arrest or the court case.

Canyon County Crime Rate

According to Canyon County's annual crime data report released by the Idaho State Police, peace officers reported 11,658 crimes in the county in 2019. This figure indicates a decrease of 8.12% over the prior year. County and city law enforcement cleared six thousand ninety-five crimes out of the total reported offenses, representing a 52.28% clearance rate. The report also states that 5,086.43 crimes were committed in Canyon County for every 100,000 residents. There was one murder, 102 rapes, 24 robberies, 485 aggravated assaults, 626 burglaries (or breaking and entry), 2,438 larceny thefts, 383 motor vehicle thefts, and 17 cases of arson.

Canyon County Arrest Statistics

In 2022, Canyon County had an arrest rate of 2,327.64 per 100,000 persons. The arrest rate dropped marginally compared to the previous year, which had 2,391 arrests per 100,000 persons, a 2.67% difference. The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office had an arrest rate of 1,578 arrests per 100,000 persons. This was a 9.01% increase from the previous year.

Find Canyon County Arrest Records

Interested parties can find information on Canyon County inmates in different ways. The Sheriff’s Office maintains a Jail Roster where people can look for information on inmates at the county jail or the county’s Work Release Center. Interested parties must input the name or the first letter of an inmate's last name. The roster provides the following details on inmates:

  • Full name
  • Photo of inmate
  • Inmate’s ID number
  • The kind of charge and the statute charged under.

The Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC) also offers an online tool called "Offender Search" to find information about people in the state's prison system. This search covers inmates currently incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. It even includes some information on people who have already been released. However, the details available for released individuals are limited.

Free Arrest Record Search in Canyon County

Interested parties can search arrest records in Canyon County through various means. They can do so through the Sheriff’s Jail Roster or Current Arrests list. Alternatively, members of the public can use third-party public records databases to find Canyon County arrest records. County residents can search third-party sites for free by inputting the first and last name of the record subject. However, parties should note that obtaining a more detailed report may come at a cost.

Get Canyon County Criminal Records

Criminal records, also known as criminal history information, are much more detailed from many sources than arrest reports. They contain prior arrests, police records, previous and pending charges and convictions, jail records, and court case information. Residents of Canyon County can find criminal records through several government agencies.

The Canyon County Clerk of Courts is an excellent place to start for those looking for criminal history information. Requesters must know the case number(s), name(s), and documents needed to get criminal records through the County Clerk. To complete a search, they must visit the Clerk’s Office and submit a record request to the clerk.

Canyon County Clerk
111 North 11th Avenue
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
Phone: (208) 454-7337
Fax: (208) 454-6689

However, criminal record checks are not accessible at the County Clerk’s office, as each copy requested comes with a nominal fee. The following is the cost per document obtained from the Canyon County Clerk:

  • $5 nonrefundable fee per request
  • $1 per page
  • $1 per certified document
  • $1-2 per mailed document (unless the requester provides a self-addressed stamped envelope)
  • $3 processing fee (for credit/debit cards)

Record seekers can also obtain criminal records from the Canyon County Sheriff’s Records Division or local police departments if they are the arresting agency. Interested parties can visit the Sheriff’s Office at:

Canyon County Sheriff’s Office
1115 Albany St., Room 137
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208)-454 -7510
Fax: (208)-454 -7476

Interested parties can also carry out criminal records checks through various state resources. For instance, the Bureau of Criminal Identification provides name- and fingerprint-based background checks. Name-based checks tend to be less accurate and comprehensive than fingerprint-based checks. Additionally, only the record subject can carry out fingerprint-based searches. Fingerprinting services are also available at BCI Headquarters:

Bureau of Criminal Identification
Idaho State Police
700 Stratford Drive, Ste. 120
Meridian, Idaho 83642
Phone: (208) 884-7130

Canyon County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest and criminal records have similarities, such as both being public records people can access. However, they have more differences in terms of content and comprehensiveness.

  • Arrest Records: They are a summary of arrests carried out by law enforcement. Arrest records typically contain basic details about an arrested individual, like their name, date of birth, physical description, the charges they face, where the offense happened, and the arresting officer's name.
  • Criminal Records: These are the bigger picture. They track an individual's criminal history, including all arrests and interactions with law enforcement. This record might be categorized under other names, such as "criminal history" or "rap sheet". It typically includes details beyond a single arrest, such as:
    • Police report related to arrests and incidents
    • Information on any ongoing legal proceedings related to those arrests
    • Details of any criminal convictions resulting from those arrests

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

No law in Idaho specifies how long an arrest stays on a person’s record. An arrest will remain on a person’s record if they fail to seal or expunge it.

Expunge Canyon County Arrest Records

According to 67-3004(10) of the Idaho statute, individuals with an arrest record can have it deleted. This option applies to a person arrested or served a criminal summons and was not charged by indictment within a year of the arrest or summons. Persons who are acquitted of all offenses by a court may also be eligible for expungement. To file for an expungement, an individual must write a written request to the Bureau of Criminal Identification. If they do not wish to remove the record, they can have it sealed by a court of law.

Canyon County Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants in Canyon County are court orders permitting law enforcement agents to arrest someone suspected of committing a crime. To secure a warrant, a police officer must show probable cause to a judge that a crime occurred and the suspect is involved.

  • Issuance: A judge issues the warrant after reviewing the evidence, ensuring that arrests are based on more than suspicion.
  • Circumstances: Warrants are typically used for severe crimes, flight risk, or witness tampering.
  • Information: The warrant contains the suspect's name, description, charges, and the judge's signature.

Canyon County Arrest Warrant Search

Unfortunately, the Canyon County Sheriff's website does not offer a public active warrant search portal. However, a few ways exist to discover active warrants in Canyon County. Searchers can contact the Canyon County Sheriff's Office at (208) 454-7273 to inquire about active warrants for a specific person. The office will require a record of the subject's name and date of birth. Additionally, visiting the Canyon County Sheriff's Office in person might be another option for assistance in finding active warrants.

Do Canyon County Arrest Warrants Expire?

In Canyon County, arrest warrants remain valid for the individual's lifetime unless the issuing court or magistrate specifically recalls the document. Canyon County police can arrest someone with an active warrant at any time. However, certain warrants, like search warrants, might have expiration dates set by the issuing authority.

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